Greetings to all members of the populace of the Kingdom of Atenveldt From Master Raven Mayne, OL, Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts And Sciences Minister,
I hope you enjoy all that is contained herein; the road to its completion was not remotely easy. Even though Atenveldtus Glorious has had some ups and downs since its creation, Dame Fiona Gwyllt Wynne, the main force behind Atenveldtus Glorious, has always persevered and continually moved forward for the good and benefit of all to get Atenveldtus Glorious done every time . In 2010 Atenveldtus Glorious was officially moved entirely under the Kingdom A&S Ministers office. Since then I tried to come up with the solutions to worst case scenarios for production and distribution; so that Atenveldtus Glorious can be done in difficult circumstances. Since my office does not have the same funds as our Kingdom Newsletter, I had to figure out a way for everyone to see the amazing artworks that were submitted, and I was not going to accept the option of giving up. I started off by asking Master Kristoff McLain Cameron if he could help with the articles and artwork that Dame Fiona collected and place them for construction and production of Atenveldtus Glorious, “oh and by the way” I told him, “we have no funds”. His initial silence was not to contemplate an answer of “No”, but of contemplation, thoughts, and ideas of how he could do so. Master Kristoff worked on the plan we had come up with every free moment he had, which is not a lot due to his hectic work schedule.

So with Dame Fiona’s tireless endurance and Master Kristoff hard work, you now are able to view the latest edition of Atenveldtus Glorious. Since this edition was completed I gave an allotted sum to each Barony in our Kingdom an allotment of publications of Atenveldtus Glorious for their populace to receive, with the acceptance of any donations to the cause that might be given. 

 We would still like to get get all future Atenveldtus Glorious in printed form, so we will be trying to plan for some future Fundraisers to get Atenveldtus Glorious published. Untill enough money is raised I thought I would get as many of the publications to be online for everyone to enjoy.

I would like to thank THL Wynne MacNair for creating a place to hold all of the Atenveldtus Glorious Editions here on the web.

Thank you to Dame Fiona Gwyllt Wynne, and Master Kristoff McLain Cameron for working so hard to get this edition done, to all the artisans that submitted their works, and to everyone for their patience. To keep things ever moving forward, we will be continually accepting new submissions for the future publications of Atenveldtus Glorious. So please fill out the Atenveldtus Glorious publication permission form and send your submission/s and send them both to Dame Fiona at

Always In Service,

Master Raven Mayne, OL

Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Minister