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The Storytellers (In Memory of Master Yehudah of Nuremburg)

The Storytellers (In Memory of Master Yehudah of Nuremburg)

Bridhid Morie O’Flaherty

Barony of Al-Barran (formerly of Sun Dragon)


Without people like you….

The storytellers would have nothing that they could convey;

Just how you have affected so many, in so many ways.

To hear the passing of nothing else than our big brother

I write this in mourning, as I have done no other.


To look out over us, huddled around the fires,

And to protect us, it was your wish and strongest desire.

Both night and day, you would survey the countryside,

You chased away the badness; the gremlins would run and hide


Your soul quite genuine, your voice deep soft to speak,

A whisper outside our tents, we knew we were safe to sleep.

Arms of a generous blanket, hand of a bear and heart of an angel,

Any storyteller blessed to have this story to tell.


Banded guardian, in howling winds, in many pouring rains

Honest, true companion, with open arms, a hand to hold times of pain,

Yet it was his pride and happiness, your family, your children,

The future of our Barony; that always smiles to your face could win


Strong herald’s call in the sun, in rainbows weather,

The ancient bond between; bring us all together.

Brother, friend, father, husband, and son,

You were to all of us, these things bound as one.


The stature and words of a great wise man,

Your accolades many and pages stand.

Beautiful Azure, and Argent, 5 knotty, knots,

Many would flock to hear the whys and why nots.


We grieve the passing of a humble soul,

This man many had known so well.

A gracious peer of the realm,

A soul dedicated to the service of a dream.


Because of people like you, mentor and friend,

The storytellers will have MANY stories to convey.

We raise a toast to you, brother as you gently travel on,

And blessedly carry you in our hearts as the years go on.