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Ode to Yehudah

Ode to Yehudah

Nastas’ia Volkovicha


House phone in my left hand

Cell in my right

Going down my contact list

Everything will be alright

Notifying people that we know and love

A loss of someone dear to us

Now in heaven above


I find myself crying

On speed dial 6

Right after my daughters

Yehudah I find

I need to call him

To hear his calm voice

Letting me know

It was not his choice


But he will not answer

Not this adopted father of mine

For it is for him

These calls I need mine

His voice has so given

His shoulder to cry


No more will I hear him

"It will be all right"

In this quiet moment

My tears finally fall

For Agnes and Becca

For our family all


A simple man of wonder

A man who did care

Who left this earth

With many who care


May his crossing

Have been easy

May he find delight

May we all know his words

"It will all be alright."


Nastas'ia Volkovicha

Rose Johnson

August 9th, 2009