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My Estrella VIII

Lord Brian
My Estrella VIII

Sung to: The First Noel

Words by: Lord Brian Ambrose O’Driscoll


The first event that I had ever been

Was the Estrella that was attacked by the wind

My little dome tent held up through the night,

Even after the one next to me did take flight


I came by myself and camped all alone

but in the middle of the night an encampment had grown

A household camped round me and invited me in

I was new to the Society and hadn’t a friend


I wandered around amazed at the sight

I sent a whole day just watching them fight

Rolling Thunder’s drums could be heard in the air

You could find their encampment from anywhere


The night when the winds came, I had just lain down

When all of my body the tent did surround

I couldn’t imagine what molded it to me

So I headed out of it so I could see




People rushed about in the middle of the night

Trying to ensure everyone was alright

Everyone was working hard to recover from the blow

All helping each other, even those they don’t know




On Merchant’s row many tents were knocked flat

But the fallen merchandise remained where it’s at

Some where tied down before the Merchants arrived

Letting them come and see their Business survived




People thinking of others long before himself

Of Compassion and Brotherhood we had great wealth

Working side by side all the way to the dawn

Seeking out the poor people whose shelters were gone