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Ingvarr Ørrabein


Written for and about Sir Gawain Nordmann and Mistress Francesca d’Ivrea for
September 2009 Crown Tourney


The swinger of Gugnir,

Looked upon wolf-feeders.

The need was seen for one,

To over shadow all.

To lead the Einherjar,

Against hordes of Jotun,

None with point more mighty,

No one more nobly loved.


The one eyed all-father,

Did each Aesir consult.

Frigg did see his true fate.

To lead men to battle,

In peace and war to rule.

Midgardr to be his reign,

Till come raven maidens

Take him to Valhalla.


The thundering red one,

Mjollnir rings on anvil,

Mists dark flame did he forge.

Death’s brand like no other,

To the bright one he went.

A shield did he then craft,

The covering woven,

His hair invincible.


Tyr next did give his gifts,

The justice of a god,

A hero’s bravery,

Victory in battle.

Then the foe of Belja,

Adds Skidbladnir’s guidance,

The sun should shine on him,

Freyr knows the perfect land.


The denizens of Asgard

Gathered all together

Congratulations now

For an effort complete

The wolf’s father held back

A chance for mischief now

For the raven feeder

Humor to match his own.


Freya saw a weakness,

A warrior is but half.

Balance is what’s lacking,

Se knew what was needed.

Grace to match his honor,

Beauty to match his strength,

A stalwart companion,

A woman by his side.


The Weavers of life’s skeins

Gifted rival talent

Thread becoming magic

Her hands the tool of art

Ið from her eski

The cider of the fruit

The howler’s desire filled

The benefits are reaped


The hoof thrower’s rider

Hofvarpnir’s own mistress

The skill of a goddess

Place on the shore of thought

The swan maiden brings life

The meal of the heart’s hall

Nurturing her own young

And others as her own