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Performing Arts

Performing Arts focuses on the performance, and not the creation of music and/or lyrics.
Music Performance—Includes instrumental music, vocal music, combined vocal/instrumental musical performances, solo or ensemble. Spoken Performance—Includes plays, monologues, readings, skits, stories, etc., solo or ensemble. Dance Performance—Includes any dance performance (country dance, court dance, ethnic dance), solo or ensemble. Other Performance—Includes mime, juggling, acrobatics, slight-of-hand, puppetry, etc.

See Yonaton von Schwartzflek (Tir Ysgithr) sing “Land of the Sun” and now is your chance to learn the song! Hear Odde Ap Tam (Tir Ysgithr) sing: “Peasant Knight;” Watch Tiphina of Ledbury, Francesca d’Aymonet, and Julia Jones (can’t read SCA name) all from Mons Tonitrus while they perform “Green Sleeves,” “All in a Garden,” and “Allemande.” Lia le Citolur from Granite Mountain sings “She moved through the Fair;” “Drummond Castle,” and “Johnny Be Fair.” All of these are videotaped by our Photographer/Videographer, Eric the Pretty.