Snail's Race

This is a cooperative game, no one player wins.

You need
  1. 6 game pieces; snails or pigs or dogs or cats or whatever, each a different color matching one of the die colors.
  2. Two 6 sided dice.  Each dice needs to have all six colors on it, one color to each side.  The usual colors are red, yellow, blue, green, orange and pink or purple.  The dice colors and the game piece colors need to be the same.
  3. A game board that has 6 columns across and 9 rows down. 
The size of the resulting squares is determined by the size of the game pieces.  For most children the squares need to be big enough that they can pick up a game piece without knocking over the game piece on the next column over.  At one end of the game board are arrows, one in each color.  At the other end of the board are circles in the same color.

For very young players:

Place each colored game piece on the arrow that is the same color.

The youngest player will go first and play continues in a clockwise direction.

Each player in turn will throw the dice.  When playing with younger children I suggest that each child hold the dice in their fist and simply drop the dice from a height of 8 or so inches and into a shallow box.

Move the game pieces with the same colors as end up on top of the dice.  Example, if you roll a green and yellow, advance both the green and yellow game pieces one space.  If you roll two pinks the pink game piece moves two squares.

The next player takes a turn.

The winning game piece is the first game piece to travel from its arrow to its colored dot.


For slightly older players

Have each game piece travel down the game board as described above to its dot.

The next time the game piece’s color is thrown the game piece turns around.

The game pieces go back down the game board to their arrows.

The first game piece back to its arrow is the winner.


The picture is of the game that I have.  The game squares are to small for small children to be able to move the snails easily.  The next snail over gets knocked over.