To Begin


  1. Spread out 20 wood blocks of different shapes and sizes.  The blocks should not be large.
  2. Put the base on the playing surface.  The base can be a 4 x 1 inch cardboard rectangle or a rectangular wood block of about the same size.
    Picture of blocks
  3. The first player chooses a block and places it anywhere on the base.  No other block may touch the base.  (My grandchildren like to put a small half-round block down first.)  One of the blocks should be a 1 x 3 inch rectangular block about ¼ inch thick, just in case the first player is feeling nice.
  4. The second player selects a block and places it on top of the first block.
  5. The next player places a block on top of the first block.  Everyone gets 2 tries to place their block.
  6. Play continues and each player ads a block somewhere on the stack.  The blocks may be placed in any position, on any previously placed block.
  7. Player may use only one hand to place a block on the stack and may not touch any other block.
Each player is allowed to cause the stack to tumble 3 times.  The first time the stack tumbles you are a “square”…the second time, you are a “character”…the third time you are the “Blockhead” and are out of the game. 
Play continues until all but one player are out of the game.
When playing with younger people play each round until the stack falls and start over.  Play until they seem tired of the game.


Assorted blocks are available at craft stores.