Balancing Game

There are many balancing type games available.  Most of them are suitable for the middle ages.  However, if you have the alligator version perhaps you should have an Egyptian persona.


This version uses a wooden moon and pieces of dowel in 3 sizes, one of each size is painted in one of 6 colors.  The dice have the big colored dots, one of each color on the dice.


Usually the youngest player goes first. 

  • Play continues around the table.
  • The player rolls the dice and then places one piece of dowel of that color on the moon.
  • Each player gets 2 tries to place the piece of dowel on the moon.
  • If a color is rolled and there are no more dowels of that color play passes to the next player.
  • The round ends when one player cannot put a piece of dowel on the moon or causes dowels to roll off of the moon.
  • The Grand Champion is the player who is the most successful at placing the dowels on the moon.