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Atenveldtus Glorious has traditionally been a special issue of the Atenveldt Kingdom Newsletter, The Southwind. As the kingdom newsletter is no longer in print form, a new incarnation for this special issue was needed. View the current issue by choosing the link to the left. Each issue will be archived when the next issue is published. As an example, the 2010-2011 issue was given to me in print form which has since been recreated in its entirety--from scratch--for your enjoyment. Simply click on the 2010-2011 link on the left-hand navigation to view the first online issue dutifully recreated for the web.
Currently, we will be looking for multimedia presentations, videos, and other types of interactive publications as well as the traditional articles and artworks. In keeping with the spirit of the newsletter, there will be a "publication" date. Please send your articles/videos on "How To," music, drawings, poetry, fighting, weapons, or anything you think would be of interest to other SCA members to atenveldtglorious@atenveldt.org. View the submission guidelines.

You will need a permission form along with your article. If you have more than one article, one permission form will be sufficient. The permission form may be found attached below. Or you can use the online form by clicking *here*. Check out the Fair Use document attached for information about Fair Use and Copyright law.

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THL Wynne MacNair
Web Editor Atenvedtus Glorious
Video Example Left: Shot by Wynne MacNair




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